Order Processing & Management

The ultimate purpose of any online business is to get the product delivered from the customer’s order entry to their doorstep as quickly and accurately as possible. To achieve this, online businesses must have an efficient and flexible order processing and management system that keeps up with what business needs to meet customer’s expectations. It also secures that order-to-cash (O2C) processes run smoothly, but also allows online businesses to build customer profiles. There are many processes involved in just a single customer transaction, and managing all of these processes is not easy.

Omniqore’s Order Processing & Management Service manages your sales orders in a way that reflects your business processes without needing to cross-reference complicated spreadsheets. Our team accurately tracks inventory across all channels to maintain a fluid system. Our skilled management team system tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment and also handles processes, people, and partnerships essential for products to make their way to customers. Our team keeps a well-maintained record of customer information and interactions, accounting data, customize the retail point of sale system, and update warehouse inventory.

Here’s what you get from Omniqore’s Order Processing & Management Services –
  • Track order, locate and update inventory, fulfill orders, manage returns and disputes
  • Complex shipping schedules and Reporting, analytics, and evaluation order profiles
  • Accept orders and secure payments regardless of channel origin or currency
  • Provide order details to warehouses or 3PLs for fulfillment
Our team manages orders from various channels such as marketplaces, point-of-sale, website, etc. aligning with your growth goals. We integrate with reliable shipping partners so that customers’ orders get delivered on time and in good condition. We also provide you access to track shipments and separate a unique tracking number for customers to track the order throughout the fulfillment process. This transparency creates trust among customers.












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