Inventory Management

To build a sustainable, profitable, scalable online business, you need to understand the ins and outs of managing inventory. Inventory management can be a complex challenge for any e-commerce business, no matter your expertise, the size of your online business, the kinds of products you sell, or the customers you serve. In the times of emerging e-commerce stores and multi-channel selling, it’s important to put technology to utmost use to manage your business. The inventory should be updated every time a product is sold on your online store to record the change in the number of products. Omniqore’s Inventory Management Service, paired with accurate channel management, helps your online business to manage your product inventory most successfully and efficiently.

The more accurate the inventory management of a business is, the more aligned the brand will be with the availability of products to meet the expectations and demands of customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to track the final count of every product, and it is necessary, especially for the medium and big capacity online businesses that also sell on multiple channels. Inventory management services also give you insight into when you are running out of certain products and what are most and least popular products on your site.
Here’s what you get from Omniqore’s Inventory Management Services –
  • Updating your website immediately whenever you run out of any product
  • Eliminate Dead Stock and Wasted Inventory
  • Identification of slow-moving goods and fast-moving goods for sale forecasting
  • Effectively manage backorders and pre-orders and Update the inventory records on a real-time basis
Omniqore’s expert back-end team takes precise control of your inventory across multiple warehouse locations, channels, suppliers, drop shippers, and distribution centers, consequently helping you gain much more out of your online business. Here are some of the platforms we work with to manage your inventory accurately:






Woo commerce





Zoho Inventory

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