Multi site/store management

Maintaining an e-commerce business can be a quite challenging and demanding task for those who run an online store. The regular task of updating and maintaining an online store can be time-consuming and require additional resources for effectiveness. Running an e-commerce store and delivering an incredible client experience requires a great deal of effort. Omniqore’s e-commerce store management service is a progression of procedures committed to improving your site’s user experience (UX).

A multi-site strategy consists of managing multiple websites from a single dashboard. Various e-commerce owners create individual sites with their own defined set of unique features, databases, and modules. Implementation of a successful multi-site strategy has helped businesses to differentiate their multiple brands, enter new markets, increase market share, and develop a competitive advantage. It also enables them to introduce a new line of products and scale at an international level. Similar to multi-channel selling, having a multi-site strategy helps brands to launch in specific regions and markets for the sole purpose of attracting locals on particular product ranges. But having to manage so many sites can feel overwhelming. Omniquore multi-store and store management services make it easier for any business to maintain the performance needs of an online store.

Here’s what you get from Omniqore’s Multi-site/Store Management Services –
  • Implementing new custom features as and when required
  • Routine checks for site security, PCI conformity, and elimination of bugs
  • Creating and posting advertisements and promotions banners
  • Unlimited product listing and timely SEO upgrades

For a successful e-commerce business, every online store needs a professional team to keep it running smoothly, timely updating it with fresh new graphics and illustrations, add features that become necessary and upgrade security settings from time to time. Several factors contribute to the success of an e-commerce store, and the product offering set aside, the technology behind the site, speed of access, usability, and the security infrastructure of the website plays a significant role.





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