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Online Marketplace is a convenient destination for people to discover and buy products, thus provides an additional channel to market your products. Becoming a part of an established online marketplace also creates a level of trust between your brand and the customers. Marketplace Listing is an opportunity for E-commerce businesses to expand their sale and get into consideration of prospective consumers. It requires in-depth domain knowledge, technical skills, and familiarity with specific rules of individual marketplaces to list products on marketplaces. If you own an e-commerce business and want to expand your sales by registering on popular marketplaces, Omniqore’s Marketplace Listing service can help you right from seller account registration, product listing, inventory management to order process management on various marketplaces platforms.

Our experts can extract product information, including product name, price, description, features, etc. from reliable sources and upload your products precisely on any online marketplace. Our services also include Marketplace Account Set-up, high-quality image editing, description writing, and much more. Based on the e-commerce business category and product type, we help your business to shortlist the most suitable e-commerce marketplace platforms.

Here’s what you get from Omniqore’s marketplace Listing Services –
  • Successful Business Registration and Product Categorization
  • Crafting keyword-rich Product Descriptions and Optimizing Product Meta Titles, Meta Tags
  • Product Editing, Cropping, Resizing and Uploading
  • Bulk product upload Product listing and updating

Our marketplace product listing professionals can handle any size of project with any complexity. We have a strong team of certified Search Engine Optimizers & Digital Media Professionals who incorporate keywords and search parameters for Marketplace Listing of your products. Listing your products in marketplaces is a great way to give your brand more exposure and get your products more traffic, thus generating higher revenue.

Here are some of the marketplaces we work with:












Facebook Marketplace

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